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Welcome to the new horse race calculator!

This site allows you to quickly check the odds of winning in a horse race. Just fill out the quick form to get our opinion on the winning horses and the race results.


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About Horse Racing Calculator

Analyse the names of the winning horses!

The horse race calculator has been in the making for a long time. It's now publicly available for the first time. You can use our system for free to calculate the winning odds for the horses at any given race.

It all started at a bachelor party

Super Buck

I flew to Australia to attend the buck show (buck party / stag night) of my AFS host-brother. We had a great day and went to the trotts (racetrack) at Allen Scott Park at Morphetville (near Adelaide).

It was the first time that I'd been at a horse race and wasn't so sure which horses to pick.

Allan Scott Park

I recommended some horses based on their names to my friends and one of the horses really came in first. So I thought if I can pick the winning horse based on their names, I should analyze this a little bit more.

The next afternoon, after we had returned home, I started working on the first version of the algorithm. We tested the algorithm by putting the names of the horses into my online system and listened to the results on the radio. To our amazement we got 3 out of the top 4 horses right using the algorithm.

Over the years, the calculations have been adapted and enhanced to allow for better predictions.

Now you also have to enter the race number and the weather as this influences the track conditions.

Although we can't guarantee the winning horse, we are very confident that our horse racing calculator has an edge over picking a horse by its name.

We hope that our system will give you some ideas for your next bets.

You can try the system on the online form.

Yes, we're still building this site!

Building up

Implementing the algorithm for public use takes some time as we need to adapt the user interface. In the past, we've only used the horse race calculator for our own betting and our own entertainment. However as we showed it to our friends, they also wanted to get a piece of the action and asked for a nice interface to create their own tips.

So please bear with us while we clean up the dust on the site and put all the pages online.

Have fun,

Joe Savelberg

Jochen "Joe" Savelberg

and your friends @ horseracing.be

Horse Racing

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